Waterfowl and Upland Bird Hunting

Scaled Quail Hunts $100/day/ Duck Hunts $100/day/ Wingshooting/2 Javelina combo $325/day

Please note that all hunts have a 2 day minimum as well as a 2 person minimum.

The scaled quail hunting at our 15,000 acre ranch in West Texas is excellent.  Large coveys are scattered all over the ranch and can be seen crossing the road frequently.  While we don't hunt the quail at the corn feeders, they can easily be patterned by their trips to and from these favorite food sources.  Hunts will be semi-guided.  Lodging is included, but you will need to bring your own food.    Dogs could be helpful in hunting these birds, but they are so numerous and virtually unhunted that a man on foot should be able to get his limit without their aid.  Hunters who get their limit on scaled quail early in the day are also more than welcome to try their hand at dove along the river when in season and may also upgrade to include duck hunting.

The Rio Grande forms the southern boundary of the ranch and has formed many backwater sloughs along the 8 mile stretch on our property.  These sloughs and shallow flats get covered with ducks of all varieties in the fall and winter, and they have seen no hunting pressure in the past few years.  As with the scaled quail hunting, our duck hunts on the Rio Grande will be semi-guided and lodging will be provided.  Duck and quail hunters both are welcome to bring fishing poles as well and try the catfishing in the Rio Grande.