Rio Grande Mountain Outfitters-Rules and Information


All firearms must remain unloaded while in camp and while riding in a vehicleHunters  may leave cartridges in the magazine while traveling but under no  circumstances are you to put a shell in the chamber until you have  either gotten out or your guide tells you to.  We also ask that you  leave your gun unchambered when walking in rough terrain, especially  when hunting with others.

No alcoholic beverages allowed during or before hunting hours. Guns  and alcohol don't mix.  We want to promote a family friendly operation  and prefer that you don't bring alcohol-but if your group wishes to  drink in moderation at camp, it is your choice....Just don't pick up a  gun afterward.  We also reserve the right to ask someone to leave if  they are being excessively vulgar.  Those who drink in excess and cause  problems will be asked to leave.

When you draw blood on an animal and/or it shows an obvious reaction to the shot, it is considered a kill.  Unless  it is clearly from a superficial wound, a spot of blood will be  considered a kill.  Animals that are hit hard and don't leave blood will  also be counted as a kill.  An example of this would be if the animal  drops and then gets up and runs without leaving any blood or hair.   This is more common on long shots where it is difficult to pinpoint the  exact location where the animal was standing.  When no blood is found  and the animal appears to be traveling normally, hunters will be given  the benefit of the doubt.

Use common sense.  Don't shoot in the  direction of other hunters, vehicles, or camp.  Use caution when walking  up or down extreme terrain and don't get in a hurry-loose rocks can  cause big problems.  Make sure that you are familiar with the cost  of the animal before you pull the trigger.  Get a rest and make your  shot count. 

Booking and Deposit Information

At the time you book your hunt, a deposit will be due in order to reserve your spot.  The deer hunting is priced per year, so with your payment, you are welcome to hunt all season long.  All waterfowl, quail, and javelina/predator hunts require a deposit equaling a single day's hunt fee.

We understand that unforeseen events do happen and we will do our best to be fair in that instance.  For cancellations other than mule deer or red deer hunts that are made 1 month or more prior to the hunt date, we will work with you to reschedule your hunt at a later date. Those cancellations occurring less than one month before the hunt date could result in forfeiture of deposit at our discretion.

All mule deer hunt cancellations will result in a forfeiture of the full amount.

Waiver Form

No one at Rio Grande Mountain Outfitters will be responsible for any actions of its clients.  When you arrive at the ranch, you will be required to sign a wavier.  No one will be allowed to hunt until the waiver has been signed for liability reasons.