Free Ranging Red Deer and Aoudad

Red Deer Bull $5000 ($7500 if they score over 300)/Trophy Aoudad Ram $2500 to hunt

At Rio Grande Mountain Outfitters, we are striving to provide a West Texas exotic hunting experience that very few others can offer. We are one of if not the only outfitter to offer free range red deer hunting in West Texas. Along with the red deer, we have a sizable herd of aoudad with some very nice trophy aoudad rams scattered in he mountains.

Exotic Hunt Packages

All of our exotic hunts start with a base fee of only $500, which includes 2 days of guided hunting and allows the hunter to take 2 javelinas as well as unlimited predators and includes lodging in our 3BR/1B ranch house. We ask that you send this fee as your deposit when the hunt is booked, and you will only owe for what you kill after arriving at the ranch unless you choose to hunt more days (additional days will sometimes be available @$250 per day). Our goal is to create satisfied clients and to give you the best hunt possible for your money. Please see our reasonable kill fees above for each animal.  

The photos below were taken recently with the game cameras.  Some of the distant pictures of red deer and aoudad herds toward the bottom will give you a good idea of the vastness of this country and how much fun it is to spot and stalk these animals.  Please call for available times to book your next hunt.