About Us

Specializing in Guided, Free Range West Texas Hunts for Trophy Exotic and Native Game

Our 32,000  acre ranch offers guided, free range hunts for desert mule deer, red  deer, and aoudad.  We also offer  mountain lion hunts, javelina hunting, duck hunting, and quail hunting.  The unique combination of wildlife on  this remote ranch along the Rio Grande creates a West Texas hunting experience that is very hard to match.  The rough beauty and isolation  of the land are an added bonus, with grand views stretching for miles.   The precious supply of water coming from springs in the mountains and  the Rio Grande below is the main key to the density and success of the  wildlife on the ranch.  Desert mule deer and javelina are plentiful, and our operation gives hunters a  good chance at a very nice buck by  most West Texas mule deer standards.  The deer herd has been managed  over the last five years, with only six bucks taken during that period;  this strict management was to increase the age structure on the ranch.   Predator hunting on this ranch is very good also, with high densities  of coyote, bobcat, foxes, as well as some lynx.  Mountain lions are  present in good numbers, making the  hunt  a very exciting opportunity.   The ranch provides excellent duck and quail hunting opportunities too,  with a great scaled quail population and thousands of ducks of all  varieties that cover the backwaters and sloughs in the Rio Grande every  fall and winter.


Mule Deer                  $5000
Red Deer Bull              $5000
Aoudad                      $2500
Varmint Hunts             $750/ 3 days
Quail, Dove or Duck    $750/ 3 days

*Varmint hunts include Javalina, Mountain lions, Fox, Coyote, and Hog
*Discounts available for larger groups